Whatever haircut you’re looking for, you will find a warm welcome here at Beth Daniel Hair Designers in Bridgend. You can choose from a wide range of the latest fashion styles or go for something more classic. With a free consultation and knowledge of all the latest styles you can be sure of a Professional image so you will feel on top of the world when you leave..

Hair cutting

Did you know we offer an extensive range of men’s styles, on various lengths and on all hair types. If your man has long eyebrows or an untidy beard then we are more than happy to cut these as well.

Why not consider a joint appointment?

Our friendly staff will look after and cut your childrens hair too. First though we always listen to you as well as your child before cutting, in fact we do everything possible to make their experience an enjoyable one.

Brazilian Blow Dry

Hair trends and styles continually evolve and we do too. Everyone wants their hair to be enviable shiny, glossy and vibrant .

The Kebelo Brazilian blow dry is the latest revolution in hair care and the answer to transform all types of hair. The process transforms hair with the natural, based treatment in order to return the hair to its shiny, smooth, and originally healthy state.

Hair cutting

Our Kebelo Brazilian blow dry treatment not only transforms hair, but it also improves the elasticity for a continuous amazing look.